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Haciendo el Indio creates things for children, things made to endure, to become childhood partners, timeless objects and characters that tell wonderful stories in the universal language of children, makes lovable products full of poetry and fun: felt and linen dolls, unique wall art, beautiful printed cotton accessories, illustrations, small jewels, memorable stationary.... a range of objects manufactured in Europe with great care and high quality materials.

Haciendo el indio products are a journey into childhood, a magic place ruled by imagination, freshness and freedom.

Enjoy the trip!


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Haciendo el Indio crea cuadros, muñecos, joyas y cosas bonitas para Bebés, Niños y Mayores, inventa cosas destinadas a perdurar a ser cómplices de infancia, objetos y personajes atemporales que cuentan curiosas historias en el idioma universal de los niños.

Haciendo el indio es un viaje a la infancia, un maravilloso lugar donde reina la imaginación, la frescura y la libertad.